This episode of “Chick Chat” is with the beautiful Simone Anderson from Simone’s Health Journey.


Watch this episode to hear her answers to these questions:

-What learnings can you share with the business opportunities that you have been involved in?

-What do you say to the critics that say you cheated your way to health by having gastric sleeve and skin removal surgery?

-What is your message to NZ women? What do they need to hear more of?

-What are 3 things that are important to you in people you have relationships with?

-Where do you want to see your career take you?

Tune in to hear Simone’s answers and hear us chat about a few more things.

Thanks so much for coming along today Simone, I love your open, honest and heartfelt chat.

You can check out more about Simone and her incredible journey on:





Hope you enjoyed this everyone x