So, many of you will know that I signed up to a no drinking challenge called “No Beers Who Cares” in January this year. I stopped drinking on the 29th Jan and committed myself to a goal of absolutely no drinking alcohol for 12 months.

I don’t know why I actually chose 12 months, everyone was like, just do 3, I guess me being me, I wanted to do what other people thought I couldn’t ?

I was quite a heavy drinker leading up to this, you can actually watch my YouTube video here of me talking about the truth behind why I decided to give up the drink.

It was a real struggle for me to stop, especially in the first 30-40 days. It was bloody tough!!
But I’m so proud of myself for not caving early on as I really thought I wouldn’t last the first month.
I did a video about my Top 10 Tips for not drinking and how hard it was to get through the early stages. You can watch it here if you need a few ideas or some encouragement on your own journey.

During the non drinking period I missed Pinot Noir, Champagne and Expresso Martinis a lot!- I really missed them sooo much ? My 3 fave drinks!

I had to really coach myself through some tough moments of wanting to give in and have a sneaky drink or pack in the challenge all together and “get back on it” ?

I’ll do another blog later on about the specific struggles I faced, what worked to get through them and how I actually felt without alcohol in my life. However I did go 100% alcohol free for a few days shy of 6 months and according to my “Sober Time” app that I used to track my days and stats I saved over $5,500 ?

Anyway as you know I’ve since had a few red wines (Roaring Meg Pinot Noir to be exact) my absolute fave!

But the truth is…. my first glass wasn’t the other night (Friday 4th August) when I celebrated moving into our new home (pic above). Not that I said it was my first, but I guess lots of people assumed it to be as I hadn’t shared any update on social media prior to that.

Truth is, I’ve had 5 glasses of red wine between the 22nd July – til the night we moved into our home. ?????

I haven’t posted anything on FB about it as I’ve been giving myself time to figure out where to from here with me and alcohol. Chatting about it with my husband, even my kids and my friends.

The first drink was Saturday 22nd July, at my sister in laws 40th birthday lunch in The Gold Coast. I actually only had 2 mouthfuls of red wine. That was it. I just didn’t want the whole glass. (But OMG those two mouthfuls ran through my body like dark, warm, delicious chocolate ?)

That morning prior to going to the lunch – I spoke to my husband about my thoughts of wanting to start introducing alcohol back into my life and asked how he felt about that, if he’d be disappointed in me for not doing the entire year, if he thought I was ready, discussed if I would be disappointed in myself for not doing the challenge and so on.

I was wondering what I was trying to prove or achieve by doing a year and he did make a great point – one that I’m always so extreme with everything , I’m always all in or all out and maybe the next 6 months should be a period to figure out balance, moderation, control and testing how my mind/body/soul reacts to limited alcohol being in my life.

I thought that sounded like a bloody good reason so I ran with it and ordered me a wine at lunch that day! ? I was a bit scared to drink it though. I enjoyed 2 mouthfuls over lunch and that was enough.
I had one glass at dinner that night and then another glass at lunch the next day.

I noticed waking up with a sore neck and a heavy foggy head. Even with that small amount of alcohol the impacts on my body were obvious. Even the other night after having 2 glasses of red wine the next morning definitely felt a lot slower.

So the decision to drink again was definitely a thought out one, one that I’m still playing around with in my mind.

I can say my life is absolutely better without alcohol in it but I do just want to figure out when, how and if it can exist in my life. Because I do love Pinot Noir, champagne and espresso martinis A LOT! ?

Mak x