Who would have ever thought that having pot plants in my home would ever be a technique or tool to help manage depression? #notme

Well let me tell you this, over the past few weeks I’ve noticed something.

Ive noticed that my new decor choices of finally bringing real plants into my home (and letting go of the fear of killing them) has opened up a whole new world of alternate wellbeing and mental health exercises.

Looking after our mental wellbeing is crucial for everyone – even if you don’t deal with anxiety or depression, we could all do with more mindfulness techniques to improve our overall health.

So like pets (Blog to come on Depression and Dogs) the simple act of caring for pot plants can be really beneficial for your mental health.

Knowing that this beautiful plant, that you have possibly invested money and space in will die if you don’t look after it, it wont grow if you don’t feed it and wont live a long life of beauty if you don’t love it, is enough to help keep you focused and present with that day, with what is required or needed of you. Its a simple task of watering, checking on its leaves, showing it care by being aware of the amount of light its getting and even researching the best way to care for has been proven to actually improve your own mental health and wellbeing.

These are all things Ive found myself doing, keeping me out of my head, staying out of the past worries, forgetting the anxiety of the future and being present with my choices I need to make in that moment. (I don’t even know if this makes sense to anyone). But I have caught myself out many times smiling and feeling happy while checking on my plants, picking up fallen leaves and giving it water – its quite blissful actually.










Below are some finding and research results from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), around Indoor Plants reducing stress and improving mental wellbeing:


The UTS (workplace) study shows large stress reductions with indoor plants. It was the first such study to use standard international psychological surveys.

Staff with one or more plants in their offices showed reductions in:

Anxiety -37%
Anger -44%
Depression -58%
Fatigue -38%
Confusion -30%
Overall negativity -65%

Overall stress -50%

The No-Plant (Control) group showed the opposite trend, particularly increased negativity +20-40%

I need to also mention another major benefit of having real indoor plants in our homes is their ability to improve the quality of air we breathe.

Continued findings from the research mentioned above on this topic:



And, indoor air is almost always more polluted than outdoors.
In particular, indoor air generally has more volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitting from plastics/synthetics, in furniture, fittings, computers, printers and more, cause loss of concentration, headaches, eye, nose and throat problems.
VOCs include Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylene & PAHs.  Some are known to cause cancer.
UTS has discovered that indoor plants can reduce:

  • VOCs by over 80%
  • If VOC loads go up, so do removal rates
  • All plant species equally effective (the process depends on symbiosis with normal potting-mix bacteria)
  • VOC removal by plants works day and night (24/7)

Many of the plants shown in the image above can be found online at Plant & Pot (See bottom of article for a special readers discount offer)

So other than Pinterest Interior Design boards telling us that we need indoor living plants because they look beautiful against our neutral palettes maybe consider these health benefits and use them to encourage yourself to add or increase the amount of real indoor plants in your home and see how they can aid yours and your families wellbeing practices.

Below are photos of the plants I have scattered around my home.

Im also planning on getting a few more to add to the kids bedrooms to help improve the quality of air in there! (haha)

All my plants featured in the photos are from my new favourite potted plant website – Plant & Pot I stumbled on this website when buying plants for our home a few months ago, I just loved how easy they made it. Pot selection was on point and plants arrive in such a good condition, with very clear care instructions too. (If you live in Auckland they deliver to your home too!)


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I hope you found this article helpful, Id love to hear your feedback on this topic and if you have ever found the same thing?

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments below

Makaia x