Did you grow up thinking that a million dollar home must be a massive “mansion” or sprawling estate? You’d see them in movies and be like “whooooaaaa that must have cost them a million bucks!”
Homes that only royalty or Hollywood superstars would ever live in? I did. And as a kid I sometimes dreamt that I’d live like that one day. (Still dreaming actually!)

Fast forward 30 years and the reality is (well in Auckland) you cannot buy a sprawling estate or a mega mansion for 1 million dollars (said with my pinky to the side of my mouth in Dr Evil voice)

But what that and a bit extra will buy you is the new home we are about to move into. It’s def not a mansion or an estate but it’s going to be our home for a few years and you will see a lot more of it on my social channels over the next few months, because I’m super proud of it and excited to share this with anyone interested.

Tomorrow (04/08/17) we move into a brand new build right here in Auckland. (Yes Auckland! And Yes it’s bloody expensive!) we feel very very lucky and privileged (and proud too!) to be in this position and be able to purchase a fabulous property in this current market.

For the past 7 years, like many people in Auckland (and across NZ) we have been renting a house. Paying someone else’s mortgage and living in a home that never feels your like your own, feels unstable, unsure and not at all permanent, knowing that our landlords could put it on the market to sell at any time. (Yes I know I’m very lucky to even have a roof over my head, and we can go into many social issues right now that would just show I’m being a bit of a brat in some respects, but please just leave that aside for this minute)

So the fact that we are now finally able to purchase our own home here in Auckland (well qualify for a larger mortgage anyway) and in an area we love to live in, has got me feeling all sorts of beautiful emotions right now.

It’s making me feel like I did 15 years ago when my husband and I bought our first ever home in Wellington – a 3 bedroom weatherboard home with a super large section and best of all only costing us $174,000! (Compared to this current purchase of over 1 million dollars but with a waaaay smaller section) we still have this home and the same awesome tenants have been in it since we moved to Auckland 7 years ago.

$174k was a lot for us back then (15 years ago), we both worked full time on very average salaries, had one child, no hand outs to rely on from anyone, no leg ups and breaking into the property game for the first time ever was super scary for 2 young parents with big dreams and growing responsibilities.

But it was this first home purchase that gave us the bug and property investment became a key part of our journey.

The homes we have bought over the years have never been brand new builds, they have always been “investment properties”, doer uppers, great rentals and houses that will grow the long term value of our portfolio.

In the past I have never put time, effort or money into interior styling, hadn’t bothered too much with decor, didn’t care if the furniture matched the curtains or not and that a brand new couch would be ruined in a few months by our young kids! So we just didn’t bother with any of that stuff.

So with this place, being completely new it feels so dam exciting, I’ve never felt this excited about moving into a new home ever before and I just can’t wait!

The kids are now older (19 and 12) so I feel its now time to actually put some decent effort and money into our interior design and style our entire living space to exactly how we want it. Everyone in the home is at a place where they are able to appreciate the value of something and put the effort into looking after nice things.
So for the past 2 weeks I have been on a mission selling and giving away nearly everything currently in our home.
I’ve been through 2 skip bins removing rubbish and clutter, smashed trade me with a number of sales and given local families lots of furniture and stuff to help their current situations. (It’s been so cleansing).

I am going to get everything new, choose quality items, style the way I want, while trying to set up a simplistic and minimal living style for our family.
I want my home to ooze calm, simplicity, style and a place we can all come home to and feel relaxed and comfortable.

I can’t wait to document our room by room reveal on social media so you can see what I end up doing with the house and how I choose to decorate and style it. (With the help of a few experts you will meet along the way too)

I know this is an amazing position to be in and I’m bloody lucky to be able to do this but I’m proud to say we’ve worked so hard to achieve this and everything else in our life, that hopefully instead of people feeling down and out or inclined to throw shade, they feel inspired and motivated to keep working towards their family and personal goals.

Hey – If a Maori girl from the Naki, that got knocked up at 17, dropped out of school and labelled to become a complete F**k Up can do it – then so can you.

Don’t give up on your dream. There is always a way.

Mak x